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ID Lanyards for Business, Events, and MarketingRetractable badge reels make it easy to use access control cards and ID cards

Laminex and CredentialExpress produce custom or plain retractable badge reels in a variety of styles. Designs range from mini-reels all the way up to no-twist reels that fit onto a lanyard.. We offer eco-friendly reel materials for customers looking for green alternatives to standard badge reels.


Snap-back action is standard on all retractable reels, enabling you to use any model with your ID card, POS terminal card, or employee badge. To view our complete line of retractable badge reel products, please browse the electronic version of our Good IDeas Catalog. Multiple colors and attachment styles are available.


There is a style to fit you, guaranteed

Retractable Reels are available in many styles, from basic to professional. Please contact us if you need more information on any particular style or design that you see (or don't see) below. If you need a simple shape that you do not see below, chances are we have it but just do not have large quantities in inventory. We will custom-manufacture reel shapes for orders of 5,000 pieces or more.

  • Economy Round Reels: Includes 0.75" label, for text & images
  • No-Twist Carabiner Reels: Includes 1.09" label for text & images. Chrome metal bezel.
  • Oval Carabiner Reels: Includes 0.9" x 1.25" oval label imprint area. Chrome metal bezel.
  • Premium Badge Reels, Square or Triangle Shaped: Includes 1" label for text and images.
  • Dual-Clamp Reels for Healthcare and Hospitals: Innovative two-clip design prevents the ID card from flipping over, which always ensures that your badge is facing forward.
  • Ski Pass Reels: These retractables are geared toward ski resort lift passes.
  • Heavy Duty Reels: Includes a retractable steel cable and high-strength spring
  • Dual-Attachment Carabiner Reels: These allow the user to wear the reel two different ways, with a clip or hook
  • Brew-Back Bottle Retractable Bottle Opener Reels: These combine a badge reel and bottle opener into one item. They're perfect for the beverage, restaurant and bar customer.
  • Lanyard Reels and No-Twist Lanyard Reels: Both are great add-on options for any custom lanyard order.

Wondering which Retractable Badge Reel is right for you? You can pick based on a variety of choices. Look at the products shown below and in the online catalog, and let us know if you need more information on a particular style.


retractable badge reels explained